A community of men gathered together in the name of the Lord serving the people of UK and Ireland

Marley Priory II

At the invitation of the Archdiocese of Dublin, the Servite Friars began their ministry in Marley Parish in 1992. Through the efforts of the community a new priory and parish centre was built beside the Church of Divine Word in 1997. In more recent years the church has been re-ordered entirely in a more community friendly place of worship.

There are over 30 groups active in the parish and are involved in liturgical, social and financial life of the parish, facilitated by a parish pastoral council whose mission statement is:

Through our Baptism we are called to the presence of Jesus in the world today. We therefore seek to build a community of people aspiring to a way of life based on the Gospel and celebrated through liturgy and the sacraments.

By living this way of life the uniqueness of each individual is treasured. Their gifts and talents are called forth for the service of all people in this place and beyond in a loving, caring and generous way.

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Marley Grange
25-27 Hermitage Downs
Dublin 16

Website: www.marleygrangeparish.ie