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Benburb Priory

The Priory at Benburb is the home of the Servite Friars since 1949. The resident community of friars are at the heart of the daily prayer and community life, although often they are joined by folk loving locally and visitors from far and near.

Initially the large manor house, in its beautiful setting on the banks of the Blackwater River, provided a location for the training and education of Servite Friars. Over the past 30 years its function has changed and it has become a retreat and conference centre.

Each day one of the friars is available for prayer and blessing. Many would wish to pray before the beautiful picture of St Peregrine Laziosi OSM. The picture in the chapel was painted by the late Sr. Aloysius McVeigh. Twice a month, on the first and third Monday evening there is a Mass in honour of St Peregrine to pray for the sick.

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Servite Priory – Benburb Centre
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Northern Ireland

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